Dear Editor,

I wish to thank all for all the publicity. Any media buffs would know, any publicity is good publicity.

As for the latest contribution from Tio, I could not agree more with what he said. Let me quote what he said:

"By the way, we don't need to call you personally Mr Alp to get the facts - they are plain for all to see!".

That's exactly what Mr. Alp has said in one of his written responses to all the non sense that's been going on.

Mr. Alp said that any past he had was in "the public domain for all to see".

Let's face it. Everyone, including Mr. Tio had a past. The difference is whether we've turned away from that past and redeem our time with public good.

Unfortunately, all I've seen in this debate is the abysmal failure by Saiki, Kieu and now Tio to offer any alternative that would result in benefits to the landowners, Solomon Islands as a nation and so on.

It may be small, but what contribution has any of the gentlemen whose names I mentioned above, have made to the Solomon Islands' economy and or its people.

In my humble view, irrespective of anyone's standpoint, Mr. Alp came in to fill perhaps in a small way a huge vaccum that the RAMSI recovery program has left in its quest to make Solomon Islands a better place to live.

A country without a rural-based economy is as good as one without law and order, in other words, lawlessness.

What good is law and order if the stomach is empty daily?