Let us all stop looking at the deal and start looking at the person who is causing all this trouble. Kelvyn Alp, oh my goodness and what a trouble maker he is.

His failed army career was said to be due to insubordination i.e, he liked the guns, but not being told what to do. He was the 'leader' of the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force - a bunch of people with guns who wanted to overthrow the government.

He started the short lived and now defunct NZ Direct Democracy party which only gained 0.03% of the vote in the 2005 national election - he now uses this as a platform for aggrandisement as being a successful political leader (note: his party had a claimed membership of 560) - and note that the candidate for the DD party for Christchurch East was Kyle Chapman who was previously the leader of the extreme right National Front (i.e. we hate anyone who is not white and stupid).

He also recently ran for local NZ government - and failed!

He was a self claimed mercenary - and this is the most worrisome - where was it that he carried out his two mercenary missions? He has bragged that he carried out a 'successful' mercenary mission by taking out his targets. Is this how he became associated with the Solomon Islands?

He previously entered the Solomons illegally on a fake 'Maori Nation' passport, which caused the NZ government so much concern that it allegedly threatened the Solomons government with withdrawal of aid funding for schools - how serious is this?

According to reports he has been interfering with local Solomons politics - an accusation he has not refuted.

He has been paying dubious reporters to publish rubbish - if you want to destroy your career as a journalist, just do what he says - freelance journalism is very different from paid for advertisements.

He doesn't have a solid business behind him - CARATAPA Group of Companies only has one director (Alp), little capital, and operates from a shed in his backyard - he has been selling shares to NZ citizens on the promise of a get rich quick gold mining scheme in the Solomons.

Do not be fooled that gold mining can be environmentally friendly - alluvial gold mining means digging up all the alluvial areas - which are next to the rivers - this destroys the rivers - which in turn destroys the reefs that they flow onto. Alluvial gold mining in New Zealand is very different from alluvial gold mining in the Solomons where rainfall can be measured in meters.

Mr Alp is a master at turning his past failures into success - don't get me wrong, he is very smart, and a very good talker. Anyone associated with this person will become tarred with the same brush.

By the way, we don't need to call you personally Mr Alp to get the facts - they are plain for all to see!