A second Australian has died from swine flu but the man had other medical problems at the time. See news at:


Try not to worry in SI but do something to be healthy. Eat fish and vegetable and fruit to keep the body strong. One egg or half a small baitfish with vegetable and potato at least at one meal each day is what basic research indicates is needed. Anything in addition like fruit and fresh water will all help to keep your immune system strong.

People with internet who can hear about and assess these things can pass messages to friends who do not have internet. Also pass message to pass story on to their friends about eating egg and fish and vegetables.

Even though there are not many eggs and fish for all the people there is need to spend extra time looking for and catching fish, then trade a few with someone who has extra vegetables.

Try, spend more time fishing. It is so important to eat good food, even little bit. Don't worry, just eat good food and keep the body strong.