''This sound more like of character assassination, but, in instances like this, there is room for such to get matters clarified. Pardon me if I am off sighted on the matter''...quoting Ernest K.

Ernest, of course you are pardoned/excused but not blamed. The way you responsed, especially the tone, is understandable. For myself, I have no problem with character assassination but if you think you are guilty of such, hopefully you will get over it sooner rather than later.

Ernest, in discussions like this, employing vague terms and phrases with forceful tone in the hope of being seen as a champ does not equate quality contributions. And no, there is no room for Character assassination except in the primary-school playground.

I joined the discussion on 'state or federalism' by outlining the benefits of such a system which will always serve as the basis of my discussions. If you think they are baseless, why not critique them point by point.

Crux of your argument? Generally, the Crux of your argument on the issue is that of hopelessness. Typical of someone who loves sitting on the fence and watch the world go-by instead of doining something now that would benefit the rural people and future generations. I'm saying this because if we stick to the current system, the economic development of the provinces that you are waiting for might come in more than a thousand year, if we still fail at 60.

Ernest if we start asking questions as to why there are no economic development in the provinces, don't you think system failure would be the number one cause? The processes, procedures and regulations of the government in the current system. Simply, how the current system serves us.

For you, instead of supporting your Hon.Premier, for making such a bold statement in declaring the intention of his provincial government, you started out on the negative. Ernest, you can do better by supporting you Hon. Premier's call. Remember, federalism is the desire of almost all the nine provinces in SI. Ysabel is just the latest to join the queue. Western and Guale right from the start. Makira, Renbel, Temotu and others from late 90s to early 2000.

As for your long and latest contribution, the is nothing useful on the first paragraph. My attention was drawn only to your negative perspective on 'political theorist'. Just for your information, states/countries formation as we know of them today together with any system adopted are the work of political theorist which are reflected in their different political ideologies. Might I add that solomon Island is still running trial and error with one of those theories, when it is time to adopt a workable system.

Your second paragraph is still confusing at best. In your attempt to play or twist around the 30 and 60yrs to justify something that only you can understand, confused things further as which period is in question from the 1979 mark.

The question that I posed earlier regarding the state of solomon's economy prior to 1979, was meant to opened your eyes that being economically developed is not the sole criteria for adopting federalism. Remember the state of Israel that was form in 1948, what brought the country into existence was a constitution, a government, people and a clearly defined territory, facilitated mostly by UK and USA through UN. After that the people of Israel work tirelessly with lots of sacrifices sometimes amidst wars to build their economy.

I acknowledgedyour assertion that we use to talked of undeveloped abundant natual resources which are left idle in the current system of government. Why not empower people to develop their natural resources for their benefit. (I thought you already got my point). Simply federalism is the answer.

You seemed fancied by Fiji's economic development due to its long connection to their colonial masters. What I can tell you is that currently fiji is struggle just like any other pacific island countries. So don't put much weight of history. You might be succesful today and not tomorrow. If there is any colonial legacy, the english names of cityand town street around couple othe monumental erections says its all. Those lami, vatuwaqa and laucala warehouses and other works you referred to are currently being increasingly abandon. I remember few warehouses being burnt down last year in some of these areas. New caledonia and Tahiti can best be seen as Metropolitan outpost, thus their advance level of development.

The fact that people continue to flock to Noro and GPPOL in search of employment is because they could not find money making opportunities in their own provinces. With federal system, states will concentrate on their own development activities, therefore discouraging people from leaving to find employment elsewhere.

I can go on, but to summarise you argument apart from degrading comments that colour your posting throughout, you want provinces to be economically developed first before adopting federalism. To be honest thats what everybody wants. The problem is, its not coming or its not happenning. That is why Federalism is the best alternative to empower provinces and decentralised development for the good of Solomon Islands a a whole.