Dear Editor,

Its quite fascinating to note that at this stage of our lively debate which I'm now closing to let others come in, Alfred sasako like a mad dog is continuously barking to himself. The first time I knew about Kelvyn Alp early last year when he was still negotiating with the Landowners to open their areas for prospecting he already mentoned directly to the Landowners about his proposal of 50/50 shares. As Kelvyn Alp negotiated with my people (I'm also a part Guale though not from the area) I kept quiet and respected what Alfred Sasako called commercial-in-confidence and never question that arrangement.

Now, after getting his prospecting licence for Pheonix International with only a few dollars in initial capital, Kelvyn Alp shouted to the whole world that his arrangement with the Landowners is based on 50/50 sharings. He barked too loud that Alfred Sasako also echoed that 50/50 sharings. Now, who broke that so called commercial-in-confidence? Kelvyn Alp and Alfred sasako themselves - and now Alfred Sasako is claiming that the Resource Owners themselves are fools for listening to Kelvyn Alp and I will not besurprised that later or sooner Alfred Sasako as a maddog he is will bite his Master Kelvyn Alp like what he did to the people of his constituency.

As I said, I will be resting from this lively debate as I can no longer afford to have a nice discussion to someone like Alfred Sasako who forgot that Kelvyn Alp and himself are the ones who breach that code of commercial-in-confidence.