Dear Sir,

I like the contribution to this debate by Kal Banu from New Zealand's South Island's city of Dunedin.

My only dissent is the fact that no condition was attached to my offer to arrange a meeting between Mr. Saiki and the New Zealand businessman, Kelvyn Alp.

My reason for suggesting a one-on-one meeting is based on what is known in the commercial world as "commercial in-confidence" principle.

In general, commercial in-confidence, means there are things that only parties to the commercial deal in question are privy to. For this reason, they cannot be disclosed publicly as such disclosure may prejudice parties in and to the commercial deal.

The argument by Saiki and now supported by Kal Banu, clearly shows the guys have never been involved in commercial negotiations ever.

They would not have raised hollow and stupid argument as they have

So, yes. The offer is off on the grounds I have touched on above.

A public meeting as proposed by Messrs Saiki and Banu is fit for fools as only foolies would no doubt be the expected outcome of such gathering.