Apart from improving health facilities or importing new equipment to deal the flu, the government should also do other things. some tempory options among others include,

-imposed curfew around Honiara from 5pm to 6am,

-indefinately banned all planned social activities in Honiara to avoid large gatherings,

-some strict control measures within work places and public offices,

-arrangement with some bus companies to transport students and teachers only,

-encourage people especially those doing nothing much in town to go back home for safety, possibly by providing free transport and at the same time discourage those from our provinces from coming to town, save that for exceptional cases

The main idea here is to restrict unnecesary movements and avoid large gatherings.

And since such approach is likely to have negative impacts on the local people economically, the gov't should consider including free health services, for next year in line with its policy on free education.