Can any one in this forum explain my previous response to Ernest K? His response headed the wrong direction. Ernest if you don't mind revisiting that particular posting. I hate repeating myself as well Ernest.

Ernest, do you really think that 30 yrs of failure could be used as the basis on learning? Three or five years lelebet.

Thirty years period was so long to be regarded as the basis of learning and so only a complete change of the system is the only viable option in my opinion.

Don't tell me we could still learn come 60 yrs.

Teama's long posting from N.Z even though contradictory at some points would have been more helpful if directed toward the merits or demerits of federal system rather than christianity stuffs and other less relevant issues.

Also to correct him since he intend to respond to my posting, I had never mention anything to do with squatters around Honiara in this medium. Anyone reading your posting might assume that I hate squatters. I don't. These people are trying to make ends meet just like anybody in town.

And finally for Robert, he reminds me of one primary-school game, 'simon say, Do this, Do that', the way he orders others to do this and to do that.................