There had been alot of debate and discussions revolving around this issue. My simple contribution, despite all the positives and negatives views,and given the many problems in our country. My simple opinion is that, if the motive for adopting the federal system is based on greed, selfishness, hatred jealousy or fear, then this system will not work, our country was not ready for independence but because of the short sighted ness of leaders then, result today, problems after problem because their intentions was for them to rule the country when they do even know the basics of running and managing a country.

There alot of examples in and around the world where people want to change things driven by bad motives and the end results more chaos and sadness. However if the intention of the people or leaders advocating Federal system is good with honest and clean hearts then the system will definetely work in uniting us and most importantly improving the livelihood of our people. So I leave this for your views on whether the intentions for having this federal system is with good or is motivated by bad feelings.