Dear Editor,

The idea of a meeting with Mr. Saiki was an invitation, never a challenge. It was given to a desperate man gasping for air in issues he has shown he knew nothing about.

It was flagged with NO conditions. Now that he has come out with pre-conditions, the offer is hereby withdrawn. I don't know who benefits from such a tralala he's suggestig?

My time is precious and I am not going to use it for utterly useless pursuits Mr. Saiki is certainly fond and capable of.

If he's genuine, it would have been beneficial for him to accept such a meeting that I had offered to arrange.

So all I can say is thank you Mr. Saiki for denying the invitation. I now have the pleasure to hereby withdraw the offer.

Only fools waste their time with you and your cohorts.

I certainly have no time for a time wasting exercise which benefits no one but fools.