Great comments from Drummond, but he seems to be driven away from the crux of my opinion/ discussion about Isabel provinces readiness for statehood. I do not want to repeat what I have said earlier on as neither did I mention that Isabel is economically developed. What I imply, was that Isabel province has the potential to be developed economically if our leaders are proactive in planning sustainable developments/projects that could benefit the people and the state in future if we were to attain statehood. Also, the crux of my discussion was on, are we (Isabelians) really ready for statehood politically and economically?

My discussion on the current developments (logging/mining) in Isabel is based on my experience and personal opinion on what exactly is happening in my home province. This is also based on my conviction for sustainable developments as these would be the foundations for any statehood. We are living in a society where our close interaction with our natural resources (environment) is vital therefore when we talk of developments, we have to be visionary, socio economic developments planned must be sustainable, such that the generation of today and tomorrow will benefit.
Drummond's last question is very interesting and am glad that he has raised the question and issue. His question drives me to raise more questions to him .Drummond himself should answer his own question as he knows the answer. My simple answer to his questions is, with due respect to our senior citizens who has taken us this far, what lessons do we learn from the past 30 years then? Why do we opt for another system of governance? Why that is our rural populations are still crying for essential social services? How are we going to better serve our own people if we were to attain statehood tomorrow without economic basis? Who are the people at the forefront when we talk of statehood? These are questions that Drummond fails to foresee?

In conclusion, what Drummond should realise is that, the past 30 years should be the basis for our vision for the next 60 years and we should learn from the past. I fail to understand why Drummond himself could not able to make comparisons of what is happening current, the past and future. Lets be realistic in our discussions, am not a political scientist but my opinions are based on realistic issues in Isabel.