I'm a constant visitor to this site, just recently I notice something that I know most of the writers forget. There has been a loud applaud from friends and supporters when Marist won the O-league qualifiers finals from former champs Koloale.

First of, I'm no fan of Koloale nor Marist however I want to get it straight that despite the fact that Marist FC is our O-League rep I want to congratulate all the teams, coaches, players and individuals who participate in this campaign, lest we forget they deserve our appreciation cos without these folks the game will no longer be as competative as it is, once again Give 'Em All the thumbs up cos they for sure deserve it. To all ma Fellow Solomon Island soccer stars, keep up the standard and do it to your best, I beleive you had the guts to be like any one of your sport idol but this can come if your potential is realized.