I think Solomon Islands could supply all 100,000 workers needed for rural Australia. See http://www.thewest.com.au/aapstory.aspx?StoryName=470531

But like the sign says in the fast boat Solomon Express, no overstepping the line. For example in Aus, no drunken business, no fighting and no overstaying Visa. (I say this because other Pacific islanders have given all Pacific islanders something of a bad name with these problems in Aus)

People who do the right thing would be able to go back to work in Aus again and again.

But overstep the line and all chance to work in Aus could be destroyed for everyone.

I know nearly all SI people are good and capable and sincere and decent people. So are nearly all Australian rural people.

This looks like the beginning of economic recovery for SI. Watch the Sikua and Rudd government's for more good news and a better future for all.