I have read through some debate on this issue and find an interesting article by Mr. Robert Walesaesae from 14 Mile, PNG. He argued that if Solomon Islands adopted the State/Federal System the Land Owners would own only 6 feet of the land, and I quote: "Did you know that with state system you only own six (6) feet deep of the land that you are living in (Even if it belongs to the tribe) and the rest belongs to the Government?

Did you also know that six (6) feet from your last post is the only area you own and the rest belongs to the Government? I have alot to say but would reserve my insights inorder for you to research more on that area." Hahahaha..Wea na man ia tekem kam information ia?

I think under the draft Federal Constitution, Land Owners still have the rights over their lands, and I do not know where MR. Rorbert is coming. Please if you do not read the Draft Federal Constitution then I ask you to do so before messing up in this debate. Otherwise, if you do not know anything about what you are talking about, then better stop. Please have time to read the Draft Federal Constitution. If you cannot access it then kindly put it in this message board that you searching for it so that somebody can help you, find it.

There are a immense Economic Benefits of this proposed Federal System than the current system, yet it depends on the how we manage it. The kind of Leadership we have in each state, if we adopt it.

The current System is still best, but our bureaucracy is so complicated then that we confuse oursleves. Otherwise, if we have ethical Leaders in this nation we do not need to change the Government System.

To end with, I think Robert Walesaesae is a student doing his/her research in the disadvantages and advantages of the Federal System and he/she used this board to collect his/her information. Kam out clear nomoa. I will not contribute again to this debate untill Walesaesae contribute some constructive ideas in this debate, apart from seeking answers like in his/her previous postings.