Dear Editor,

I will accept Alfred Sasako's challenge if he and Kelvyn Alp's first reveal to the readers of on how they will provide that 50/50 profit sharings they had been shouting publicly, all the way. I'm only asking them a simple truth - where that 50/50 came from? Right after the gross revenues before deducting any cost and expenses of the operations or on the net profit after tax? If this is where the sharings will come from, then the Landowners will be paying for Alfred Sasako's allowances and the luxurious livings of Kelvyn Alp at hotels in Honiara and his frequent travelling back and forth between Honiara and Auckland. Alfred Sasako you must be ready to answer my question now as above indicated as you are echoing Kelvyn Alp words in most of your letters to the media.

You will be an another questionable character if you can't answer me publicly. Once you answer me on the 50/50 issues, I want our meeting to be in the public maybe we can hold it at the NPF Plaza ground with the Ministers for Mines and Finance, and the Director for Mines and anyone from the Ministry of Transport to confirm that 50 km2 radius exact boundaries and location. For me, I'll be inviting that Minister who's also an accountant to be present so he can explain what's the the disadvantage of the 50/50 sharings on net profit after tax. I'll also try to invite someone from GRM to totally explain the operational costs of a gold mining operations. We meet a day after the closing of the current parliament, if you want to. Be sure that you and Kelvyn Alp is in Honiara at that time.