Dear Sir,

I would like to comment to Noel Wane contribution to the lively debates I'm having with Alfred Sasako regarding the proposed operations of Pheonix. When Kelvyn Alp shouted to the four corners of Solomon Islands that he's giving a 50/50 sharings to the Landowners who allow him to exploit their alluvial gold resources I'd been jumping in joy that at last, here is an investor who is giving us the best benefit we can have from our resources and not like GRM who's really exploiting us.

As one of the Landowner in Guadalcanal I even suggested to my people to open our land to this Kiwi man. But all of that praises I made for Kelvyn Alp changed when a Minister who's also an accountant told me that he's in doubt of Kelvyn Alp proposition as after publicly shouting his proposed 50/50 sharings he never made a clarification, if its from where? If its from the gross revenues, then the whole Solomons must support Kelvyn Alp but if it's from the net profit after tax, then its another con-game, why? As the Minister who's also an accountant said, Kelvyn Alp can deduct all kind of expenses from the operations like those logging companies and then declare losses year after year similar to SolTai.

So, what will happen to the Landowners? Kelvyn Alp and his cohort Alfred Sasako until now are silent to this issue, why? Noel Wane, I'll not be asking this question publicly if those people kept quiet on how they will share the mining returns to the Landowners, but they shouted it to the world, so I have to return the echoes of their voices as simple as that.

Further, if Kelvyn Alp is a genuine investor, why is he involved in the domestic politics of Solomon Islands by organizing his Direct Demicracy Party which is in violation of the condition of his work permit. And yes, when Kelvyn Alp was granted his work permit, the Minister reponsible for Labour at that time was no other than Peter Shanel who declared himself to be the Parliamentary Wing Leader of Mr. Alp's political party. What a coincidence. I'm now calling Minister Billy Hilly to investigate this action of Kelvyn Alp which is in violation of his work permit.