In my view, ERNIE K from Wellington is targeting the wrong people by critizising the leaders of Ysabel. The fact that YSabel could not enter statehood is not the problem of Ysabel leaders.

Its the problem of national government for failing to facilitate the desire of Ysabel people.(Note that its not only Ysabel but other provinces as well).

Ysabel could not just out of the blue declare itself being a state or in a worse case scenario led a rebellion against the national government. No, the decision could only be reached jointly with the national government. And it can be done peacefully.

Talking about political will, the fact that Ysabel leaders are engaging in public dialogue, meetings, seminars and forum within Ysabel serve as a proof. 'If you can talk about, you can do it'.

The more dialogue, especially in such important matters, the better the outcomes/decisions. So debating important issues is not a waste of time.