Dear Mr. Editor,

I'm not questioning where Kelvyn Alp get his working capital, either its from the mafias, drug lords or Al-Qaida is not important. I'm just asking, how the Landowners and Pheonix share that 50/50 percentage, from the gross revenue or from the net profit after tax? simple as that! As to Vangunu Oil Palm, I'm blaming Alfred Sasako for that fiasco, first as Minister assisting the PM, he advised the then PM to give the Vangunu land to conmen and when he was the Minister for Agriculture under the Kemakeza Government he never lift a finger to open an investigation to find out why the delays in the oil palm project's implementation.

If you can attack Patrick Wong of RIPEL why can't you expose Vangunu Oil Palm or how about Pheonix who only have One Hundred Thousand Solomon Dollars to operate a gold mine over an alleged 50 square kilometres radius? Why you and Kelvyn Alp is too silent on this issue? Alfred Sasako, why you are scared for me to ask questions about Kelvyn Alp's proposed mining operations. If he's genuine as I said, we are willing to let him do mining in our customary lands where we are now panning for alluvial gold. By the way Alfred Sasako who financed for your campaign during the by-election at East Honiara Constituency last year?