could you please allow me space to inform our beloved families back at home about our situation here.

While USP students are facing unrest, Solomon Island students (SIG sponsored ones) double it up with the delay of allowances. It's already 5 weeks into academic classes and yet majority didn't receive their allowances. I don't know why but if government is not willing to take such resposibilty, please, please, don't send us here. It's now come to a point where we don't know how to express it. This is a foreign land guys.. It's very disastrious. last year's delay is bad but it is better; only 3 weeks delay. This year is worse than ever. 5 weeks is too much.This is University and those resposible person should understand it if they have been through such school. but yet they never think about it seriously.The same problem we experience every year and now it's become a chronic problem for the Government.We always remind the representatives from the gov't but we don't know why changes doesn't take place. How many times do you government want to slap us on the face? You create the problem and yet we ourselves(students)become victimised. That is you (Gov't) delay the allowances which leads to poor perfomance and yet you terminate us for the failure. To conclude I will not say anything against your office, but the only thing you should bear in mind is; if you are not willing to take the reposibilities as stated in our AWARD, don't ever send us here..

Finally, next week is our last week for staying here. If there is no allowances then probably by the end of next week we'll come home.

Concerned student
Laucala Campus