Dear Editor,

The tears for statehood may stem especially from provincial leaders' dissatisfaction over unfair distribution of wealth to provinces and from provincial developmental biaises by the national government.

Perhaps, whether or not, thorough environmental scans or situational forecasts have been conducted by provincial political actors in proving their provinces' institutional capacity to administer their governmental affairs and drive their own developmental agenda using a federal government system , this issue remains a potential catalyst which can split our fragile nation into nine independant states or countries.

Perhaps, national unity in diversity should be our strong emphasis. We are brothers and sisters.One nation. Though diverse we are, we all should live together in oneness. Our government and provinical governments should be the key responsible actors for protecting our unity, not dividing us.

Statehood is ideal for Solomon Islands, but it can disintegrate our nation especially in this time, when we cannot afford its high institutional costs and the low strategic capacity of our developmental practisioners to boost development in the provinces.