Dear Sir,

I have nothing personal against Alfred Sasako or Kelvyn Alp nor with Pheonix International. The article from Kelvyn Alp you just published doesn't clarify how and where the 50/50 profit came from? Is it from the gross revenue, or from the gross profit, or from the net profit before tax or is it from after tax? Can Alfred Sasako and Kelvyn Alp please clarify this issue?

Also, how can a gold mining company operate with very little capital injection? Me and my friends only want to differentiate a genuine investor from a conman. Look what happened to Vangunu Oil Palm project of which Alfred Sasako has been involved when he was still a Minister - where is it now?

Alfred Sasako thank you for admitting that you had been paid and for Kelvyn Alp please, explain where will the 50/50 come from? That's all we want to find out and yes, if its from the gross revenues, we salute you and we can even give you our land for exploration and will strongly support you but if it's from net profit after tax, then please rethink!