I would like to respond to Drummondo in his article State/Federal.

He stated that this would be the best system of governance for solomon Islands, if I were to read between his line of talk. Please Drummondo, could you please anwer this following questions than I would agree with you;

1. Do you know of any Disadventages that comes with the Federal system? if yes than let us know. If not than, you need to get your facts right before coming out in the media.
2. Did you know that State /Federal system is indeed the selfish attitude? Just think of our other provinces who do not have the resources needed to run their state if we go into statehood. Don't just be blinded by the western culture that we see every now and then in the media. They are well off countries and we are not.

Thank you for your understanding GO SOLO GO! TOGETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.