Dear Editor,

I wish to comment on the above, especially the comment made by the coach Franklin Riga. In that he stated that there is no proper training equipment contributing to their poor performance.

The same is true here in Tarawa. But from observing these boys here, they practised hard before going over to the Solomons. If only the home boys could have done the same, may be the results would have been different.

The boys here had learnt quite a lot from the home boys that came over at the end of last year. With that experience they had been very committed to their training before coming to the Solomons. I saw them on the road every morning for seven days a week apart from their own skills training.

So in a way the Tarawa boys deserve the win and to be congradulated for that.

The other issue related to the boxing event is that media here in Tarawa alleged that the Honiara Boxing Club that invited them decided not to pay their return fare after the tournament. This is something that I refuted very much. But if there are some truths in theses then that paints a negative picture on us as Solomon Islanders. I hope this is not true. Please can any body who has the correct information give us the true information.

Thank you

Wilson & Augustine of Tarawa