Dear Sir,

Solomon Saiki's unexpected outburst on Pheonix International and people like myself appears to suggest he's someone bored to death and is looking to pick a fight with anyone he could think of.

What a sad traits to be in!

Journalists write what they believe the public ought to know. I do nothing any differently.

Sure, I was paid for my work. But tell me a lawyer or any other trained professional who's working for nothing.

Kelvyn Alp, whether Mr. Saiki likes him or not, is someone who has the courage and the guts to put his name on the chopping bloc in declaring that he would share the profits of his operation with landowners on a 50/50 basis.

Of course, this commitment is yet to be fulfilled. But I have the gut feeling that it won't be long now before Saiki and his cohorts have eggs all over their faces because I know Mr. Alp will deliver on his promise.

Why should Mr. Saiki worry about whether the funding is a loan or personal finance. That's something for Mr. Alp to worry about.

Similarly, if in the UNLIKELY event that the venture does not go ahead, that will be something for Mr. Alp himself to worry about, not Mr. Saiki, myself or anyone for that matter.

Why can't people like Saiki find something useful to do, instead of mourning over something that is none of their business?

Don't just be part of the crowd that sits and talks about nothing all day. Do something useful to you, to your family, to your community and to your society.

If you have nothing to contribute, I suggest you say so, but not in critical terms about those who are trying to help.