Great comments from the Chief of Katova, we could pour in millions of ideas but we may lack the political will to pursue them. I guess the onus is on the leaders of today to move Isabel into statehood and thereafter those who come after can follow suite. I could only recall how many workshops/meetings/consultations/seminars that have been organised for Isabelians scholars to contribute ideas, aren't they enough or do we have to pour in more. Nogut nomore ples for storem oketa development project ia. I am a active member of the ISA forum network and there were great ideas/views proposed but if we do not have the political will, livim olsem nao. I know that there are some Isabel scholars who have voluntary done something for Isabel, eg. draft Kava byelaw, unless we have politicians who stands by to listen to our views and ideas, we will waste our precious time debating what developments are good for Isabel and what is not. Politically we may say we are ready but what about economically? Evri tree harvest finis nao. A good example of the type of leadership and decision makers we have now is the issue of logging at Gao District, a hot topic in Buala at the moment.

Long live people of Isabel