I'm of the view that State or federal system of government is the one that fits or is better for solomon Islands.

This system might help provide some solutions to Solomon Islands' problems in terms of governance.

First, it would solve the problems associated with diversity and fragmentation that exist among our people.

Secondly, the system would bring the government closer to the people, thus efficiency in resource use and better services.

Thirdly, the system would make the rural folks feel very much part of the government enabling them to participate actively compared to the current one.

Fourthly, the system would enable states to concentrate on economic and other aspects of development instead of wasting time and resources in trying to solve problems of social fragmentation as currently the case.

Fifthly, the system would enable states to have more control in their own affairs in collaboration with the central government with clearly defined powers and areas of influence.

Sixthly, the states would have more power in terms of decision making over their resources compared with the current arrangement with the provincial system where the central government will always have the final say in the provinces' decisions. The provincial system can be abolish by the central gov't at any time if it wish. That won't happen in the federal system.

I can't think of any disadvantages of the system as yet but finally, the geographical situation of our country might serve as another reason for adopting federal system of government.

Those who are against the state system might be doing so for their own personal interest. They might be the ones who are directly benefiting from the ineffective system that we've got at present and not the rural people.

With all those benefits outlined, I see no good reasons as to why the national gov't /parliament continue to delay the approval and implemention of the so-called Federal constitutions which has been around for quite sometimes.