Dear Editor,

Andrew Radclyffe is correct, of course, to point out that it is the responsibilty of a good citizen to give evidence to the police regarding the instigators and perpetrators of crime, but it is also the duty of the police to investigate crimes and to bring offenders to justice.

Andrew Nori very early on gave public information, in an article he wrote, alleging who some of the "big fish" were, and the two main foot soldiers, Keke and Sangu have both long been tried and convicted, but yet no arrests have been made or criminal charges laid against the real "big fish" still swimming in Honiara's murky waters.

Why is it that the RSIP, given the specialist assistance of RAMSI investigators, and after such a long period of time since the end of the so called ethnic troubles, not succeeded in bringing any of the bigger fish, the "sharks" to face the justice they deserve?

Yours sincerely,

Frank Short