Dear Editor,

I would like to say that the alleged 50 kilometres radius of the Pheonix International mining licence is not right considering that from the main base of his proposed operations up to the coast of Guadalcanal, on both sides, is only around 15 kilometres, and from his operations to Honiara is only around 30 kilometres.

It means Pheonix mining area covers almost half of the Guadalcanal island? Yes, the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), more particularly those at the Ministry of Mines, must be investigated for corruption including the three local geologist on how they arrived at the result of their survey, if there's any.

Another interesting story, as Alfred Sasako claimed, Kelvyn Alp has generated more contacts in and out of the country so can this explain why a certain candidate during the last by-election was said to have received large sums of money from a Senior SICHE staff who is also acting as the Teasurer of Kelvyn Alp's Direct Democracy Party? Will that money be charged as operational expenses of Pheonix and therefore to be deducted from the 50/50 profit of the landowners? Just asking.

Alfred Sasako, a paid mouthpiece of Kelvyn Alp, forgot to tell the readers of Solomon Star the capitalization of Pheonix and how it's going to raise its working capital - through borrowings? and who's going to pay for its interests? Yes, there is a lot of questions that are coming out from this mining operations and we just hope its not another Vangunu con game.