If solomon Island is going to be the last frontier for mining industry in the Pacific region if not the world, especially for valuable minerals, such gold, diamond, nickel and others, as alluded to by someone in the Media, the government /solomon Islands would benefit alot from this industry by learning from Botswana.

Botwana is one of the countries in the world that have sucessful management plans as far as mining goes. This ranges from operation plans right down to the management of the proceeds of the industry for long term benefits. I don't agree with the so-called 50/50 sharing of mining income between Land owners and mining operator(s) because at the end of the day LOs will always run to the Government when the mining income dries up. The point is, the government should play a bigger role in the management of mining industry. And to be successful in this task, our govt leaders should also learn about governance from the leaders of Botswana especially in this industry.