An interesting letter from Brown Nena on a Solomon online paper prompted me to bring the issue to this forum. I believe it is far too important to be left at that.

Nena, while acknowledging Phoenix and their efforts to share the revenue 50/50 with local land owners, is not entirely convinced about the funds that would be shared with the landowner. I am not saying that I believe in entity what Nena is saying but I am pleased that he has brought out this issue and informations to the public forum for discussion.

I do agree with Nena that the mining sector is far too important to be neglected by the government. The days of the renewable extracting industries are numbered and at a time where gold is the preferred currency, I see no reason why the government shouldn't mount a concerted effort to ensure that this sector is developed to the beneficit for both investor and Solomon Islanders, includng the landowers.

To the youths of Solomon Islands, mark my word that the mining industry would loom large in the country's economy within the next 10 years. If you do not contribute now to the discussion to ensure that the industry is nurtured and developed properly, we may end up like the African country of Congo where minerals are sold to feed the powerful militia groups at the expense of the ordinary man on the street or in the villages. This is but one fora to make your contribution but it is important that it is made because some one some where who is in a decision making position will be reading your contribution.