For us to achieve real peace, it has to be from within and that I mean can only be achieved through a spiritual conviction. Well looking back at what had been happened over the weekend, I beleive all peace loving citizens of Solomon Islands would really appreciate the efforts and the courage that both the exmilitants and the church have collaborately achieved. I believe this achievement has indeed set a tremendeous precidence for the future peace building and reconciliation in our hapi isles. I know such achievements will hopefully triger some sence of hope to our fellow countrymen whom in on way or the other have been victims of the events of the so called ethnic tension. Therefore it is on this same tokem that I would like to call on the other exmilitants to come foreward and take that brave step as has been shown by your fellow compatants.

Hence, what the society at large should now do is, we should be willing and ready to accept our sons back to their very rootz, because it is by only doing so that will motivate them to see that there is true forgivness from us (society) to them (exmilitants). Finally thumps up to all you newly baptised members. And may God continiue to bless our wonderful country, the place we all call home- the hapi isles.