I am very interested in this debate and decide to comment especially on the true church.

Just imagine if this earth is a village. People started to build houses. Among these builders is Jesus. In the house he built stays those who believes in Him, which are Christians, where Jesus gave them a book known as the Bible as the only book to follow, and He promises to come back and take those inside the house.

Outside of Jesus' house are non believers who have no shelter and other houses as well like the ones built by Mohamed, Tao, Bahaullah and so forth. However, inside the house Jesus built, Christians started to erect walls for rooms and put rules for their rooms and this continues and by now there are plenty of rooms and rules inside this house. Not only that but members of each room started to go to other rooms' members and try and convict them to come to there room with the message "this is the true room that the builder will only visit".

Can we try and break the walls and go outside of the house? We need to bring those who have no houses to shelter and also try to bring in member from other houses and not from the neighboring rooms? I believe we are all in the "True Church", but we only build walls with rules. Thank You.