Dear editor,

I have no interest in making an argument in the ongoing "SDA" debate.

I however, would like to pose simple fact that I stand for as the TRUTH - in Christianity for that matter.

Please ignore my misunderstanding if I happen to go out of the context, but I am assuming that the current debate has something that is linked to "Which Is The True Church" issue(s) that a hand full of people use to justify "the Truth".

Different Churches (referring to denominations) or Organizations have different standards to do their justifications, which are most profoundly based on their doctrines and teachings. Therefore, the result is seen that we tend to argue alot about the "True Church" topic.

Now here comes the simple truth I introduced earlier, "READ GOD'S HOLY WORD, SEEK HIS HOLY SPIRIT THEN LISTEN AND OBEY" then and only then will you find the Truth. Trust me on this.

Well, but thanks to our churches for showing us the path to Truth, but our church(es) will not guarantee us our ticket to Heaven. The Truth leads us to Heaven. So be cautious of relating the Truth with a church.

On that analysis, I personally find it useless to judge the truth about a particular church, since it will just cause confusion, which might as well lead to conflict.

Bringing my discussion to a close, don't let a minor "High School Hygiene" issue, or any issue of such, cause a controversial debate. It's just a waste of time.