Dear Editor,

I just finished reading the above and I have a few comments to make.

1. The case does not speak well of the checks and balance system in place at the CBSI. The news report says that it has been going on since 2006, this is just absurd. It seems like this guy was just collecting old 50 notes from the trash can at the back of CBSI. What checks and balance systems are in place?

2. This is related to the above. I beleive that there are "bigger fish" in this scam. If it were that easy, then someone up top must have known of what was going on, and, quite possibly, gained from the scam.

3. There must be an independent investigator assigned to look at current practices at the CBSI, particularly with regards to its checks and balance system.

4. Shouldn't the wife be charged as well? He was depositing money into her account.

All in all, I hope the big fish is caught! Problem with big fish is that they often swim with other big fish.