Though I said I won't be contributing to this discussion until after my exams, I was inclined to comment on a few things mentioned by Felicia K in her recent posting.

Firstly, your choice of words ("disillusioned with materialism") was questioned not because it was out of context rather I was commenting on it because of the lack of clarity and also due to the number of different interpretations that were possible due to its use. However you have clarified yourself by using your "anecdotal evidence" which brought me to the point that, using of anecdotal evidence is probably not enough in light of the circumstances.

Secondly and most importantly, this is also perhaps the only reason why I'm writing this piece, is to state that I was by no means and in no way trying to imply that SICHE student teachers who are involved in the protest are dumb. I'm sorry Felicia but now your choice of word, in this case, is disappointing; as this word shows a great deal of disrespect and is an insult to SICHE students and to myself, for it was something I never mentioned or even thought about. For my part, my comparison of the SICHE and USP demands were merely used to suggest a way and time we can approach our Government. Therefore, I apologize if there was a hint of any sort in my use of language or phrasing which might make people think otherwise.

Anyway, I thank Felicia (for wishing me the best in my exams) and I really do hope I'm not taken out of context or interpreted differently this time around.