Dear Editor,

Although I indicated in my last article that I have rested my case on this subject, I decided to briefly comment on Mr. Roni's latest response, because he raised some very interesting thoughts on the subject concerned.

First and foremost, I would like to refute Mr. Roni's claim that my choice of words, and inferences made in my previous articles were out of context. May be it was out of context only in terms of the country locations where the studies were conducted, but not in the substance of the topic concerned, which concerns the traits displayed by the youths of today.

Secondly, he made reference to the anecdotal evidence I referred to. In fact, I did not make reference to any anecdotal evidence in my first article, but in my second article, in order to clarify to Mr. Roni the reality that I observed in Solomon Island Youths' behaviour and attitude today. I think basing assumptions on anecdotal evidence is acceptable in situations where you can observe beyond reasonable doubt that such behaviours are obvious. In fact, using anecdotal evidence to back you argument is better than a wild guess because at least you are referring to evidence that you see with your own eyes, or experience yourself. If Mr. Roni is still a young man today, he should take time to reflect on the aspirations he has for himself now, and ask himself, "why I'm I at USP pursuing studies towards a degree of some sort, and not living back in my village, wearing just a lavalava, and go gardening, or go fishing for my survival at this day and age?"

Anyway, I think Mr. Roni has sounded some very good advice to all students sponsored under SIG, whether locally or overseas in his last four paragraphs. But still, I think the SICHE students request for an allowance increase is genuine. I read in the papers that in fact they made a submission for an increase in allowance since 2008, in light of the current global recession, well ahead in time, before the 2009 budget was endorsed in parliament. However, the question still remains as to why their request was not acted upon by the relevant authority. So, I think the SICHE students who were involved in the protest were not as dumb as Mr. Roni may have thought, after all

Good luck in your exams Mr. Roni.