The article on the so called "miracle" mineral supplement should not be taken lightly. It should be a concern for all Solomon Islanders that such a supplement is allowed to enter the country and sold to the members of the public without any rigorous test being done. If the miracle supplement is given the green light to be sold, then it is only fair that it is tested by relevant authorities to ensure that it is safe and moreover to ensure it has what it takes to cure the diseases that it said it does.

It is just amazing that this supplement alleges to cure cancer and "many of the worlds worst diseases but this has not been highlighted by the world's media. If we are not careful this is another money making scheme under the guise of a 'curing' supplement. I urge the authorities in Solomon Islands to investigate this supplement and the people behind to ensure our people are safeguarded from any harmful drugs and also financial traps that they may fall into.