It is interesting to observe the cry of women for equal rights with men in all aspects of life. Solomon Islands including Papua New Guinea and I believe other more countries in the region will do the same are pushing for free seats in the parliament, all in the name of women's right. Solomon Islands in this case are pushing for 10 free seats in the parliament through the National Council of Women, stating that this is what the women of this nation want; whether this assumption is true I do not know.

However, let me say to the rural women of this country that the constitution of Solomon Islands had no any form of discrimination against women that should necessitate the establishment of the so called Women's Right Movement, except it was our culture that becomes a hindrance and that what makes the women's right movement in Solomon Islands had a purpose to establish. To convince men that we are equal and that the mentality of our culture about women must be forgone. Let me say to the women of this nation, are we crazy by trying to do away with this culture that had proved to be perfect and maintain peace within the families in the Solomon Islands societies in the days of our forefathers? Are we telling the outside world that our culture had failed us in the past? Did you know that in the days of our forefathers women respected their husbands, and girls respected their fathers and brothers? Because of this peace always abide in home, however, when problems arise in the home it is easy to solve because the family know and respected the head of the home which is the husband. This same system applies to the society where the chiefs, the elders and the men are the ones who will make important decision for the community. This culture had proved itself during their days, for it maintains peace and respect among families and communities in Solomon Islands, and I have evidences to proof this if needed.

Let me say to the people of this nation with hundred percent certainties that women's right movement is going to be one of the factors that will escalate the already decline unrespectable attitudes of some of our young girls and women in the society today, particularly in this nation. In some ways it will only promote disrespect and disorder in the home. This is because most women and girls will take advantage over these rights and misuse them to advance their own desires and giving less respect to men, that which they deserve. This will then give rise to many family problems in our societies. I am of the view that if we are to make a comparison between the advantages and the disadvantages of women's right movement, the scale will be of much weight with the disadvantages. By observing the rule of magnetic force which is "unlike poles attract and like poles repel", we can see God's divine purpose for not giving all of us equal rights, because this will result in a backfire. This is a divine rule and as long as God forbids the women to be equal with men the divine rule will stand, and so we expect a disrespectful society. God in His wisdom sees the disadvantages of giving equal rights in status to both men, women and children because this will create an environment of confusion and disrespectful society. There will be no one to make final decisions in life because everyone will like to respect their own rights; therefore God placed His system in our homes which is supposed to be the same module adopted into our societies and our nations to help avoid the problem mentioned.

Now I will justify my discussion above in biblical terms since we have called ourselves a Christian nation. Let us now trace in the Bible the first advocator of equality and what is the end result of breaking the divine rule stated above. In Isaiah 14: 13-14 we see Lucifer trying to be equal with God when God never gives him the right to do so, for in verse 14 he said, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. In the end of his struggle to be equal with God he was thrown out from heaven. Now because of not having any place in heaven any more he now looks to our earth to continue on with his promotion of equality. He now approaches Eve to join him in his promotion of equality, see the story in Genesis chapter 3. In verse 5 he said to the woman, ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Verse 6 and when the woman saw the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband. You see the underlining factor here that convinces Eve to take this fruit is in verse 4 where Satan said, you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Therefore, by taking the fruit Eve is trying to reach a state in life that God never intended for her and Adam. And the Devil knows that if only he convinces the woman, the chances for the man to follow her will be high, and he was successful with this. The woman now becomes the first member of the human race in joining Satan in promoting equality to be like God when God forbids them. The woman then preached the message of equality to her husband who then convince of her message and so joins the team in this promotion and struggle for equality. Therefore, because of the broken divine rule as I have stated above sin entered the human race.

Let me warn the women of this Nation that the same tactics that the devil used in the Garden of Eden will be one more time played out as Satan makes the last attempt to accomplish his plans before Jesus returns. Did you know that you were created to be under the leadership role of men, and never to stand with men on the equal ground. I am not saying that you should not be in the highest decision body in the Nation, but once you are given the opportunity to be there always remember you are just a helping hand, and not to use that opportunity as means to override the decisions made by men, or to see yourself as equal with men in leadership role. There are many scriptures in the Bible that shows that man is the head while the woman is to be under the leadership of the man, however, we have no time to go through them. Therefore, let us see only one and that is the first scripture that gives reason for the creation of women. In Genesis chapter 2:18 we see the purpose for the creation of woman. "And the Lord God Said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him". You see you were created to HELP the man and not to be equal with him in status of leadership. I look it up in the "The World Book Dictionary" and the word HELP means to give or to do what is needed or useful, and the word MEET means to come into company with; to be together with. So we see here that woman was created to be with the man, and was to be his helping hand to do things that the man required him to do, but never to be equal with him in status. That is how God design our relationship and to do the opposite you will break the divine rule, and this will only invite disorder in our societies.

So now women if the scriptures show that God never gives you the right to be equal with men in terms of leadership, where did you get your support for equality with men? Sorry to say, but from the pages of the Bible that you carried to church every worship day it is clear as sun to the day that you are part of the person who in Isaiah 14:13-14 was identified as the first promoter of equality when God forbids. He convinces Eve to do it and he will do it today as he prepares to set up his world government, because he knows by only going through the women he will be very successful with his mission, for Eve have proven to him from the very beginning that women are good campaigners to win men who represent God on earth to his side. This is an old ancient tactics used by the Devil and when will we learn? I kindly ask the women's right advocators to recheck the purpose for their establishment and to be very careful with what they preached; otherwise their message will be manipulated by the devil himself to match his agendas. If he can convince Eve to join him in promotion of equality in direct opposition to the status in life God had given them, then I am afraid to tell you women that you must reconsider, and be very careful with the kind of women's right messages you preached so as to protect yourself from falling into the trap of the enemy.

Let me warn you again that any promotion of equality of that of women or be it in any promotion of human rights movement that is not biblically supported by God will result in the breaking of the divine rule, thus the result will be the breaking down of society. There will be no respect for those whom we will be supposed to be under their leadership, and this will result in a society that is out of order.

Forgive me if I hurt you mothers and sisters, but the Bible says in Proverbs 1:7 it is the fool who despise wisdom and instruction. Judge for yourself where are you standing in the light of what God says for us not to do.
God bless the National Council of Women, the Mothers, and sisters of Solomon Islands in their decision making as they journey into the future.