I wish to respond to Mr Sasako's concern about the plight of Revenue division. If the enforcement and coordination of revenue collection has been strenthened over the years because of RAMSI's support, then i have no qualms about them continuing their support. However, i will start to cast doubts if from now, there still isnt a training or manpower planning available for local counterparts to prepare themselves for the helm when foreigners leave. I too would love to see our our own Solomon Islanders taking over 'before' 2013 as predicted rather than being 'tagged'. If the former proves itself then by now we should have qualified and responsible people in place. However, I hope RAMSI will not make this an excuse because I hope and really do wish that we have already people of such trustworthy calibre working in that industry by now. Revenue collection is no matter to overlook within a short span of time hence I would think this is ample time enough to give leeway to our country men to prove themselves.

I believe that anything to make their counterparts salaries come to par can only be justifiable by a proper public service structural review. Hence, I do believe too, about time our public servants start fighting it out instead of being complacent about the global situation over the months/years. Perhaps the unions should start thinking seriously about these trends not only in the revenue department but throughout the whole public service cadre, in view of the economic situation or else we will forever be dependent on others and rivert to the same post-independence era in which we are still trying to nurture and overcome. Or would it be more helpful if RAMSI supports the Public Service structural review in order to combat this chronic problem of 'lack of self-reliance'?