I find it interesting that the SOE students have protested to an unbelievable sum that would warrant their educational expenses over their duration of studies. If it was a debate to warrant that of their counterpart rivalries at Fiji's prestige USP campuses then i would agree that the Head of School (SOE) should remain silent. Silent being that this economic bickering is none of her making. The comparison to Fiji dollar (which is almost an equivalent to the aussie dollar) would be justifiable enough for an increase to an SOE students allowance.

The Fiji devaluation is a post SOE problem but one that was seem forseeable.I would rather see or hear S.I government having more say to this than the head of School, let alone SICHE council for this matter. I do empathise with these students as well because of the current problems and hardships they are confronted with. At this time of turmoil it would not be fair to blame the Head of School or SICHE council for this matter. At this juncture, can I plead to SICHE council not to blame the instigators of this protest but to prudently and thoroughly look beyond the "noise" and examine accordingly.

Our overseas students have suffered more than enough. Hence S.I. government should have been well versed on this problem that has hit hard on our local students and no denying that. Therefore, although i feel the local students have done a big 'ask', it should've been a time where all should genuinely gathered and assessed all grievances instead of trying to rid of them so called 'perpetrators'. This financial hardship is a global problem so please dont blame the students nor their Head of School. If the Council is the Governments mouthpiece than may i end with one the the famous saying, "If you think ignorance is bliss, than think education!!". Otherwise, think positive and 'reject the recession', as the aussies do here. Sincerely concern.