This was a question asked by Hon Edward Hunuhehu as he tried to justify the appointment of his wife to the Board of SIEA and SIWA.

The answer to the question is a straight-forward YES. Look at the recent President of the World Bank Mr Paul Wolfowitz, he was a popular figure in fighting corruption. But when he promoted his girl friend despite her capabilities, he was forced to resign because it was unethical to do so.

It is unfortunate that some MPs are paralyzed with the power granted to them by their public position. With the paralysis the Honorable lost feeling to decisions that are sensitive to his position, to corporate business ethics and to the public. Guardians of public positions ought to remember that they must stand to the extreme test of good governance. A decision that is legal and not scandalous is not always the right decision to take. One must look beyond and test his decision with principles of good corporate governance, business ethic, moral upright, and norms that are acceptable to ones public conduct.

May I pose these questions: Is the wife the most capable and effective person to do the job? Isn't the task the Minister wanted best carried out by the Boards Secretary or His Permanent Secretary? Does the Honorable want to operate a parallel management structure that is family based? May I request SIWA and SIEA management to provide simple material on business and corporate ethic to the Minister to deepen the knowledge he seem to have got.