The Government has now decided to turn its attention on the decision and findings of the survey done by the Australian National University. Rather then trying to defend themselves the government should come out with what they may propose to do in response.

Many of our leaders choose to defend their stand rather than going down to the grass root people who, for most of their lives, are still awaiting legislations and policies that are not fulfilled. For instance, people are still hopping to see what the bottom approach actually means.

Many are still struggling to pay up their children's education; more over poverty have come in their door steps because of the increase of goods in the shops, especially the basic necessities.

These are the major issues the government of the day should focus their attention on. I for one support the findings of the Peoples Survey because I also support RAMSI providing a safe environment. This should improve our economy and peoples lives.

With regards to the funding process of the findings, the truth will be revealed in due course. Solomon's image has been deteriorating due to our AG in the country which I think is of greater interest to the people.