It's welcoming to read on Solomon Times Online that Australia will be assisting Malaita Province in terms of cocoa and road rehabilitation and maintenance.

Malaita Province has always been assisted in many ways. one of the obvious is the road rehabilitation by CSP. My only concern is fact that most of these development are too centralised in only certain areas of Malaita.

The southern region of Malaita is always left out when it comes to development. WHY?

The Afio road is still the same since the first time I saw it. People living there will agree with me that the maintenance being currently done has get nowhere. What I see, as far as Afio road is concern is the fact that alot of donor moey being lost while nothing concrete in terms of development is seen.

It's surprising that maintenance is taking place but nothing changes the face of the Afio road.

I would suggest that Malaita Province must re-look at its development priorities. For instance, Small Malaita needs several roads to be created. This will allow rural people to get access to socail services like schools, clinics, name it. Why not complete the Afio road, from Olusu'u to Tarapaina? What about an access road for the rural dwellers in the remote highlands of Small Malaita.

This must be seen with regards to the general Malaita developments. What is given above is just an example of many others.

My point is...decentralise development within Malaita Province, from the north to the south, from the east to the west of Malaita.