As a very strong supporter of soccer in our country I wish raise some questions on where Lauru Football Association (LFA) is going towards it's development of the sport in the province.

Back in the early 1990s Choiseul Province has shown is presence in the sport in the country. It is always one the competitive teams in the National Tournaments that were organized then. Now after more than 10 years have passed I can see other provinces have been going forward in developing the sport and lately the 5 aside coded soccer as well. But nothing much has been done in Choiseul Province that would be reported in the media or even SIFF media to show the progress, it more of the downward fall from where it was once know. Thus, LFA now has many questions to answer.

. Why is it that LFA has not been able to send a team to the National Championships nowadays? (is it the money problems or lack of proper administration)
. Why is it so hard to run the usual Choiseul Cup to select a winner?
. What has LFA done to promote and organize local leagues around the province?
. How many local leagues are currently active in the province? (if none, then why?)
. How is the grant from SIFF being used to develop the sport in the province?
. Who is appointed the Province's Head coach and what rolls is he playing in developing the sport?

It is a very sad thing to see that there are many talented athletes in Province but cannot have the chance to expose themselves to such championships as the National Club Championship. I am longing again to see and enjoy watching a side from this province play again. The last successful story of the Lauru Team is in the Under 14 National Championship in 2002 where the Kuvojo boys are crowned champions to the tears of all faithful Lauru supporters back then.

Therefore I want to know where LFA is standing at the moment. Am not here to criticize the executive but we have give you a wakeup call if you are sleeping too much and don't get the job done.