RCDF fund, Millinium Development Goal, Grass Root Fund and Rural Livelihood funds in general may not meet their intended purposes.

With due respect to MPs and Constituency Authorities who responsibly and transpirantly desiminate the funds farely and equally to their constituencies members, I with evidence have to say that the majority of the MPs and responsible authorities are only using the funds to lure voters and retain existing voters with the aim to remain in power.

This actually sway the responsibilty of MPs as legislators and policy makers to roles as financial controllers and project managers. This is opposed to the the parliamentary act that stipulates the roles of MPs as legislators and policy makers.

Who then obviously breaks the law here. Are they the poverty striken rural dwellers, people like me and you or the MPs, the cabinet who passed the bills? If it is the caninet or MPs then would it be meant that they break the laws they created? Then, the bills should have not been passed and enacted at the first place.

Another view, is that maybe the MPs we put into parliament are mere short sighted people who only do what they themselves prohibited.

In actual sense, Solomon Islands I believe governed by a majority of redundant minds who have mindset for development that dwells on the past. In this new age we need farsighted people with quality education and leadership that cope with the global trend.

As Obama in his campaign states "change we believe in" Solomon Islands need a change that we believe.

For me, I have to say that I do not believe in the current government who consist of the majority redundant minds. They will not take us anywhere. this is evident on the copy cat system practiced here by this MPs. They copy policies from other neighbouring countries and embrace as theirs.

Look at the organic law of PNG and the version we have here. they are very much the same but altered simply for a difference. Why don't we come up with something really ours. That won't happen because our MPs are simply not capable. This an example of the a numbers redundant acts and legislations that needed to be changed but sadly our MPs spend much of their time controlling the funds and managing projects.