Dear Editor,

Please allow me to raise an issue regarding the above heading. The twenty percent devaluation in the currency of Fiji had severe impacts. In the previous weeks, the Laucala campus vice-chancellor announced that sponsors should consider this issue. So far there is no information given to us students on what is the stand of the government on this. Even the Solomon Islands Student Association (SISA) also not so care much about this, reflected on their approach to students. They are very ignorant to at least say a word to eager students who like to know what the government will do or come for help. This only wonders me whether the purpose of SISA to represent students is reflected or just NTU representatives. I believe SISA was form to represent students, and must not relax on time where students really need them. SISA must stand up on behalf of students if it is consider a matter. One example is displayed by the outgoing USP Student Association president in standing on behalf of students' welfare resulted on his expulsion and later USP being compensating him for their unprofessional acts. Some may thought that the director or even the minister already make it clear that there will be no raise in the allowance, but I believe this is an emergency issue because this devaluation only caught us in surprise. Therefore I humbly call on the government and responsible authorities to act responsible. Tagio tumas.