Dear Editor,

Horrified is the only thing I could think of when I saw your story about the extension of RAMSI's civilian advisors to the Inland Revenue section until 2013.

It's a bit like Frank Bainimarama's promise of an election in 2014.

The fact that revenue collection has improved is not necessarily due to the work of foreign civilians who are in the country under RAMSI.

Revenue collection has improved because of strengthened enforcement and coordination.

Enforcement and coordination have been weak, resulting in weak revenue collection.

I don't know how much more 'extending the contracts of foreign officers' would do to the situation.

The only thing I see as a result of the extension is denying local public servants an opportunity to pursue a career in the public service

If that's the goal of RAMSI, I feel sorry for young Solomon Islanders trying to make a career of what they do, especially when they do the bulk of the job but paid less than a fifth in salary of what their foreign counterparts receive.

Fairness? I doubt it