The picture of former Selwyn College students displaying a projector that is destined to their former school is nothing more than an appreciation for a school that mattered in their lives.

Though, I may not be given the mandate to speak on behalf of the rest of SOSA (Selwyn Old Students Association), I wish to sincerely thank the group for their efforts and contribution to our former school, on behalf of my school-mates, if not, myself.

To William Leguvaka and company -- thank you very much. I suppose all former students of our various secondary schools are proud of their old schools. We, the former students of Selwyn College are no exception.

One of my old school-mates, whom used to share local butter (dry coconut) with me at Maravovo, once told me that secondary school is one of the most important stages of education in one's life.

On this note, I believe that the relationship one forges with his/her school is part of history, and will remain as it is ceaselessly.

What strikes me is the fact that despite being on stipend, the students have shown commitment to their old school in spite of the financial hardship they endure as scholars.

I have taken to heart their challenge for the SOSA working class to support their former school.

I wish to appeal to another class of former students of Selwyn College, which I can only refer to as "SOSA GLOBAL". "SOSA GLOBAL" is targeted at former Selwyn College students working or living abroad, where-ever on this planet, to get in touch with me on robertiroga@yahoo.com so that we can discuss ways to help our former school. We needed our school, now our school needs us.


Robert Iroga