Dear Editor,

Its very interesting to see the government of Taiwan still willing to assist our country by providing several millions of dollars again with the aim of alleviating poverty and improving rural livelihood in our rural communities. One can consider this as a generous act of the people of Taiwan towards us. However the problem arises when it comes to disbursement and distribution of this fund by our MPs to the our rural communities. It is evident in the past that most of these funds were not properly accounted for and were put to wrong use instead of its intended purpose by some MPs and their cronies.

Our poor grassroot folks are still waiting anxiously for the day in which this so called "rural development funds"will going to improve their livelihood but as time goes on it becomes nothing more but just a dream for them. Therefore I doubted so much of whether these kind of funds will make an impact in our rural communities given the fact that some MPs and their cronies were serving themselves with it. It is disappointing and discouraging to hear millions of aid dollars poured into our country and yet you never felt its impact on our rural communities because it has been pocket by some selfish individuals. I think its time now for the government to look more seriously on how these funds are spent and perhaps form a seperate institution with proper and more transparent system put in place to effectively manage and administer the use of such fund.