Dear Editor,

There are those who have written to say the Truth and Reconciliation Act 2008 lacks the provisions to allow any testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be used in court proceedings against those allegedly involved in instigating and furthering the so-called "ethnic-tension." Others, more recently, have made public pronouncements on what they claimed triggered the ethnic violence and went so far as to say those matters must be adddressed before there can be peace.

I have no claim to the truth but I do believe it is too early to speculate on what might emerge in testimony before the TRC and the action that might follow the completion of the proceedings.

I would urge, however, all those who have a genuine desire to speak and learn the truth to relate their stories to the Commissioners.

Whether the Solomon Islands Government aided by RAMSI will get down to tackling and meeting the challenges of investigating and prosecuting those who instigated the ethnic tensions remains to be seen, but I believe that it is not enough to simply prosecute the senior figures who have been arrested for alleged corruption, or for allegedly instigating violence relating to the riots which occurred in April of 2006. Justice needs to be done, wounds need to be healed and the process of reconciliation and nation building needs to be vigorously pursued and consolidated.